About Gr-ResQ

“Graphene Recipes for synthesis of high Quality materials” (Gr-ResQ: pronounced graphene rescue) includes powerful new tools for data-driven graphene synthesis.

At the core of Gr-ResQ is a crowd-sourced database of CVD synthesis recipes and associated experimental results. The database captures ∼300 parameters ranging from synthesis conditions such as a catalyst material and preparation steps, to ambient lab temperature and reactor details, as well as resulting Raman spectra and microscopy images. These parameters are carefully selected to unlock the potential of machine-learning models to advance synthesis. A suite of associated tools enable fast, automated, and standardized processing of Raman spectra and scanning electron microscopy images. To facilitate community-based efforts, Gr-ResQ provides tools for cyber-physical collaborations among research groups, allowing experiments to be designed, executed, and analyzed by different teams. Gr-ResQ also allows publication and discovery of recipes via the Materials Data Facility, which assigns each recipe a unique identifier when published and collects parameters in a search index. We envision that this holistic approach to data-driven synthesis can accelerate CVD recipe discovery and production control and open opportunities for advancing not only graphene but also many other 1D and 2D materials.

For more information, see our journal article describing Gr-ResQ.