Future directions in nanomaterial synthesis: from rational design to data-driven manufacturing

This virtual workshop will bring together researchers from around the world who share an interest in advancing the use of data-driven approaches to 2D materials synthesis. The objectives of this workshop are: (1) to collect new insights and lessons learnt related to the synthesis of various nanomaterials, with emphasis on 2D materials;  (2)  to create a framework for collaborations among groups in these areas on synthesis and complementary computational tools; and (3) to present the efforts of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology Nanomanufacturing Node in using computational and data-driven tools to serve the synthesis community.

The two-day virtual workshop aims to provide insights to students and postdocs by having a small number of focused talks spanning across various synthesis processes including chemical vapor deposition (CVD), metal-organic (MO-)CVD, of established materials ranging from graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and transition metal dichalcogenides, to the vast family of emerging layered materials. The focus of this workshop is on 2D materials, but as the discussion is meant for brainstorming and idea generation, contributions in data-based approaches to synthesis in general would be an excellent addition to our discussion!

The virtual workshop will feature:

  • presentations by several distinguished speakers who have led the community in nanomaterials synthesis
  • a gather.town poster session — with prizes! — to highlight the work of early-career researchers at the intersection of nanomaterials synthesis and data
  • a training session on Gr-ResQ, an online platform for community sharing of data around CVD synthesis of graphene

Participation is free for all registered attendees. Use the Workshop Schedule and Registration to explore the activities and register to participate.